To those of you who tuned in to last night for the Dave Junk Radio Show; all apologies to you. There has been some kind of problem with the website. You can listen to the broadcast without trouble on iTunes as a podcast; download this link:, open it in iTunes, and hit play. We haven’t had any trouble with the iTunes/podcast format, so, pending further notice on the status of the website, please download the Voscast link and listen to the show on iTunes…Show your support for ya boy Junk, he’s like a fish to water on the radio! You won’t be disappointed!


DJ Junk

The Dave Junk Radio show is new tonight, with lots of new music, including premieres from Trap Devil and Love Anchor. Don’t miss Dave’s soothing radio voice tonight at 9PM (EST) on Mind Over Matter Radio,, or, if you have iTunes, you can download this link and listen there,

Turn On, Tune In, & RAWK Out!!!!

Junk Bonds EP


Mind Over Matter Radio With Rick Cross & DJ Junk

Mind Over Matter Radio is a great online radio station that we were lucky to find. Run by music producer Rick Cross, the station’s goal is  “to promote independent artists via internet radio”. You’ll hear a bit of almost every genre of music during a listen, and the playlist is ever growing. Rick invites unsigned artists to send in their music for radio play, and everything he receives gets played. We got Junk a show on the station, and he’s like a duck in water on the air. It’s kept me busy; I’ve spent a lot of time writing radio liners for both DJ’s. Junk’s show is every Wednesday night at 9PM (EST) , at Turn On, Tune In, & Rawk Out!